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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Perioperative management elements of participants (n=86)

VariablesN (%)
Preoperative management
 Pain killer or anti-ulcer agenet*46 (53.9)
 Mechanical bowel preparation38 (45)
 Enteral nutritional support32 (37.2)
 Allowable time limit for feeding before operation
  3 hours prior to surgery
   Liqud diet46 (53.5)
   Soft diet51 (59.3)
  2 hours prior to surgery
   Liqud diet9 (10.5)
   Soft diet16 (18.6)
Postoperative management
 Early acceptance of oral diet7 (8.1)
 Type of early oral diet
  Liqud diet73 (84.9)
  Soft diet13 (15.1)
 Nutritional support via central line23 (26.7)
 Route for postoperative nutritional support
  Parenteral nutrition56 (65.1)
  Parenteral nutrition+Enteral nutrition27 (31.4)
  Enteral nutrition6 (7)
Postoperative pain control
 Method of postoperative pain control
  Continuous intravascular injection41 (47.7)
  Epidural anesthesia28 (32.6)
Time to terminate the epidural anesthesia
 Within postoperative 3 days15 (53.6)
Presence of early walking protocol21 (24.4)

Preoperative pain killer or anti-ulcer agents;

If the patient starts oral feeding within 2 hours after surgery;

This is the result of a questionnaire survey of 28 respondents who used the epidural anesthesia for postoperative pain management.

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